Lehigh has made it a priority to keep exceptional records of our cylinders, parts and repairs to be able to best assist our customers when it comes time to supply a repair kit, re-order a cylinder or simply identify a cylinder from an earlier purchase. We hear regularly, “your records are better than ours, can you tell me what we bought on purchase order XXXXX in 1968?” As far-fetched as that may sound, the answer is YES. Lehigh has records back to 1964 when the company was incorporated in Easton Pennsylvania.

The downside of such an extensive archive is that it takes up a tremendous amount of space and requires manual search time to find an old order. To address this issue Lehigh is moving toward a more reliable, efficient form of record keeping and has begun imaging all existing records through a high speed scanner. Our sales department will now have digital access to orders, customer correspondence, customer purchase orders and any other documents related to the order.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a quote on any Lehigh cylinder no matter how old.