Lehigh Cylinder Identification Video

This video details the identification of Lehigh cylinders in the field using the actuator’s tag and discusses the information needed to quote a replacement cylinder or repair kit.

Frequently Asked Questions: Spring Cylinders

Noel Laukaitis, Chief Engineer at Lehigh answers the most frequently asked questions the engineering department receives regarding spring actuators as well as what customer information is needed to quote a spring cylinder.

Pneumatic cylinder with composite tube test results

Lehigh’ standard brass cylinder tube was replaced with a composite tube and run over 100,000 cycles on a standard 2″ bore JHD cylinder with a built in side load.

Cylinders and mounts for the power generation industry

Lehigh offers an array of cylinders and mounts for the power generation industry as well as repair options including kits, rods, factory repair and pickup and delivery.

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Lehigh Product Configurator & 2D/3D CAD Download System

Build a Complete Lehigh part number by specifying your requirements. When complete, receive the 3D and/or 2D CAD file in the file format of your choice.