Valve Actuator Cylinders

Lehigh Fluid Power Valve Actuators

The Lehigh Valve Actuator Air Cylinder uses Lehigh’s Exclusive MiracalubeĀ® Self-Lube System – and is now available with composite tubing

Lehigh’s uncompromising quality is built into this light duty, cost effective cylinder series designed to meet the valve industry’s requirements for guided load actuation. Whether it’s on a knife gate, drain or sampling valve, Lehigh’s VAC series is designed to perform and be an outstanding value.

Composite tube VAC


  • 8″ to 36″ Bore (catalog to 20″ bore, please call for larger bore spec)
  • Operating Pressure to 120 PSI
  • Standard Carbon Steel Construction with bronze rod bearing (8″ bore uses brass tube)
  • MiracalubeĀ® Self-Lube System
  • Nitrile Seals standard
  • Tie Rod Mounting Design
  • Tapped holes in open and closed heads to accommodate lift eyes
  • Valve Actuator Cylinder catalog pages

Valve actuator cylinder (VAC) cutaway with component details.


  • Spring Extend/Retract
  • Composite cylinder tubing (Test/Application Notes)
  • Manual Overrides
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Internal Stops
  • Epoxy Finishes
  • Open/Closed Valve indicators
  • Seal Materials (Non-Standard Temperature Ranges)
  • Other Fluid Media
  • Recessed tie rod nuts
  • Positioners – Flowserve & Moore/Siemens
  • Many More

VAC series cylinder applications:

  • Pinch Valves
  • Knife Gate Valves
  • Drain Valves
  • Sampling Valves
  • Other types of process valves serving the pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing, mining and pulp and paper industries along with many others.

Valve Actuator Cylinder catalog pages

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